Synthesis of biologically active iminosugars using unconventional methods - microwave and ultrasonic irradiation

Training for students: 2011-2013 - Ing. Alexandra Neculcea prepared her MSc. thesis in our group and obtained a Master degree in “Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics” at the University Politehnica Bucharest, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials 2013-2014 – Chim. Alexandra Iordache and chim. Cristina Martac were trained in our group and they elaborated part of their MSc. theses for the ”Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics” Master program of the University Politehnica Bucharest which will be defended in 2015. Training for the team: All team members were trained to use the purchased equipment: the Biotage Initiator Plus Microwave Reactor and the High intensity ultrasonic horn Vibra-cell VCX750. Training Abroad 2012-2013 - Florina Teodorescu and Isabela Man attended a two week hands-on training in vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy in Marseille, France at the Spectropole of the Aix-Marseille University in June 2012. - Calin Deleanu participated at an NMR workshop hosted by Bruker in Rheinstetten, Germany in May 2013. - Carmen Stavarache attended a one week training program at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of the University of Coventry in quantification of cavitation effects by using calorimetry and chemical dosimetry.