Synthesis of biologically active iminosugars using unconventional methods - microwave and ultrasonic irradiation

High intensity ultrasonic horn Vibra-cell VCX750 - Value: 38.942,20 Lei Characteristics: - Monitors and controlls the temperature the amount of energy delivered to the sample; - Net power output: 750 Watts; - Frequency: 20kHz;

Biotage Initiator Plus Microwave reactor - Value: 125.000,68 Lei Characteristics: - Fully integrated computer (Integrated software; Touch screen interface) - Temperature range: 40-300°C (Temperature increase 2-5°C/sec); - Volume sample range 0.2 – 20 ml (without system modification) - Power range 0-120 Watts at 2.45 GHz. - Modular design (easily upgradable for automated operation and peptide synthesis)