Synthesis of biologically active iminosugars using unconventional methods - microwave and ultrasonic irradiation

The team consists of the project leader, two senior researchers, two young researchers and two students.

The project leader, Dr. Carmen Stavarache has substantial knowledge in the field of sonochemistry.

Dr. Anca Hirtopeanu, senior researcher II, has a vast experience in the synthesis and characterization of various biologically active chiral compounds, including iminosugars.

Dr. Calin Deleanu, senior researcher II, was coordinator of various national, PECO and COST grants and has expertise in NMR characterization of organic compounds and management.

Dr. Florina Teodorescu, senior researcher III, besides organic synthesis, has analytical skills in HPLC and VCD, both important for separation and characterization of chiral compounds.

Dr. Isabela Man, researcher, is experienced in theoretical calculation.