Exploring Ruthenium-Alkylidene Complexes in Green Metathesis Chemistry
Project ID: PN-III-CEI-BIM-PBE2020-0012

Project objectives

Objective 1:
Development and application of a broad family of highly active, chemoselective and stereoselective metathesis Ru catalysts, suitable to be applied in production of fine chemicals and polymeric materials. Evaluation of the optimal pathways for obtaining these types of catalysts and their application in metathesis and related processes.

Objective 2:
Investigations of the stereoelectronic behaviour of ancillary and actor ligands of the ruthenium catalytic systems in order to fine-tune the catalytic activity, stability, chemoselectivity and stereoselectivity in synthetic reactions.

Objective 3:
In a special part of the investigation programme, kinetic and thermodynamic aspects as well as stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms of the chemical processes in the presence of the above catalytic systems will be developed and evaluated. It is expected that starting from these results, a range of applications in synthesis of unsaturated organic compounds, macrocycles and polymers of high value as new materials for diverse utilizations to be further envisaged

Objective 4:
Relevant data obtained by the two collaboration groups will be disseminated at national and international conferences and symposia and published in the scientific literature.