Exploring Ruthenium-Alkylidene Complexes in Green Metathesis Chemistry
Project ID: PN-III-CEI-BIM-PBE2020-0012


Project title: “ Exploring Ruthenium-Alkylidene Complexes in Green Metathesis Chemistry”
Project ID: PN-III-CEI-BIM-PBE2020-0012
Projector director: Dragutan Valerian
Project type: Bilateral Collaboration Romania Belgium
Project program: Program P3-European and International Cooperation, Subprogram 3.1.-Bilateral/Multilateral, Mobility Projects, PNCDI III.
Funded by: Executive Unit for Funding Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation
Contractor: "Costin D. Nenitescu" Center of Organic Chemistry of the Romanian Academy
Start date: 1st February 2021
End date: 31th December 2022

Project abstract:

The joint research project focuses on the methodology of production and applications of ruthenium alkylidene complexes, suitable as highly active and chemoselective catalytic precursors in syntheses of targeted functional materials by olefin metathesis. A characteristic feature of the alkylidene complexes of great importance for production of advanced matherials destined to top technical applications consists in their good compatibility with a vast array of functional groups. The ruthenium complexes involved in the project contain a selected array of ancillary organic ligands from the class of arenes, phosphines, N-heterocyclic carbenes and related mono- and bidentate ligands, able of tuning the electronic and steric properties in order to enhance their catalytic propensity and control the process chemoselectivity and stereoselectivity. These ruthenium complexes are prone to be valorized in a variety of sustainable metathesis transformations occurring under mild reaction conditions characteristic to green chemistry. As a promising development, these optimised metathesis processes will open access to modern syntheses of high-value compounds starting from olefins and cycloolefins bearing different functional groups.