New polyoxazoline conjugates for cancer chemo-immunotherapy
Project ID: PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-0745

Project objectives

O1. The first objective is to optimize the modification protocols of PiPOx with doxorubicin to obtain derivatives with a balanced functionalization degree and adequate solubility in water. (TRL 3)
O2. The second objective is to test and validate the stability and cytotoxicity of PiPOx polymer and PiPOx-DOX conjugates. (TRL 3)
O3. The third objective is to investigate the interaction of the PiPOx-DOX conjugates with tumor cell (drug/conjugate internalization/localization, cytotoxic effect, and ICD signs). (TRL 3)
O4. The fourth objective is to define the optimal formulation of the new polymer-drug conjugate and demonstrate its efficiency for chemo-immunotherapy (proof-of-concept). (TRL 4)