Development of light-responsive poly(2-oxazoline)s micelles as a theranostic platform for improved tumor-targeted drug-delivery
Project ID: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2019-1696

Project objectives

(O1) The first objective is to design the red-light-responsive POx block-copolymers with a balanced content of Azo-Oxa in order to achieve micellar behavior. This objective corresponds to a TRL 1 level aiming towards an Experimental Concept, based on the previous expertise on developing POx-based polymers.

(O2)The second objective aims to test and validate the stability and drug loading efficiency of the RLR-POX nanocarriers with mitoxantrone as the model drug. This objective corresponds to a TRL 2 aiming towards Experimental Models.

(O3) The third objective aims to have a proof-of-concept of the working principle of the RLR-POX as efficient on-demand drug-delivery nanocarriers and their interaction with tumor cells as well as live cell imaging. From experimental models towards Functional designs - this objective corresponds to a TRL 3.

(O4) The fourth objective takes into account the following aspects related to the project: (i) the administrative and scientific risks that meet mitigation solutions in a complete risk management plan; (ii) protection of the intellectual property via a national patent claim; and (iii) dissemination strategies of mid-term outcomes at international level consisting in scientific articles and communications to conferences/congresses.