Comparative DFT and catalytic evaluation of modified graphene supported nano oriented metals for electrochemical oxygen reduction and C-C coupling reactions
Project ID: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE2016-2191


1. Poster: I.-C. Man, S.-G. Soriga, “How does vacancies near Fe/Co-Nx centers in graphene influence the ORR activity? DFT analysis”, 18th Nordic Symposium on catalysis (NSC), 26-28 August 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2. Oral presentation: I.-C.Man ,S.-G.Soriga, “ Role of lattice defects surrounding Fe/CoNx sites in graphene catalytic activity for oxygen reduction in Fuell cells”, The XXXVth National Conference of Chemistry,02-05 October 2018, Calimanesti, Valcea, Romania.
3. Oral presentation: I.-C. Man, S.-G. Soriga, “DFT study of gold clusters on graphene for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling”, The 12 International Symposium of the Romanian Catalysis Society, 05-07 June, 2019, Bucharest, Romania.